Our organization has undergone positive growth over the past year, and with growth often comes change.  Since it began, the Enzyme Technical Association (ETA) has represented enzyme producers and marketers in the ever-changing regulatory and policy environment of the industry. A recent expansion into Central and South America, however, sparked the opportunity to present the ETA in a new light with a fresh, contemporary logo leading the way.

“This was really an opportunity for the ETA to update its identity and tell a story about the impact enzymes have for a better world,” stated Gary Hayen, Chair of the Website/Public Relations/Communications Committee at the ETA. “The expansion into Central and South America allows the ETA to represent multi-national companies with a broader footprint in the Western Hemisphere, as well as businesses solely operating in Central and South America. The design of the new logo reflects the expanded scope of the organization–represented by two joining halves of a circle.  The green color represents the biological origin of enzymes as well as their positive benefits to the environment through the reduction of chemicals, raw materials, water and waste in industry.”

We look forward to making the transition to our new visual identity with our members and partners in the coming weeks.

For more information, or to include the new ETA logo on corporate communication materials, please contact Ann Begley at 202-739-5613.