Dietary Supplements


Enzymes are used extensively in many industries such as food, feed and household care. They are also used in the dietary supplement industry. There are two types of enzymes commonly used as dietary supplements; systemic and digestive. Systemic enzymes help promote general body support. Digestive enzymes are used to support the body’s digestive process. Supplemental use of digestive enzymes is the more commonly used enzyme supplementation.

A major role of enzymes in the body is to break down ordinary food into substances that help support human life and give our bodies the ability to fully realize the benefits of that nourishment. When digestive enzyme supplements are consumed, they provide support to the naturally occurring endogenous enzymes in the body.

Enzymes used in dietary supplements are usually referred to by their common names and may be of animal, plant, fungal, or bacterial origin. Most enzymes are very specific in their ability to catalyze specific chemical reactions. The high degree of specificity and strong catalytic activity are the most important functional properties of enzymes.

Enzyme supplementation, through proper dietary supplement use, can play an important role in our daily lives and in our desire to maintain well-being and health.

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