About ETA

The Enzyme Technical Association (ETA) is a trade association that represents a majority of the manufacturers and marketers of enzyme products in North, Central, and South America (“Americas”). The ETA has been in existence since 1970 and maintains an active role in the development of governmental regulations, policies and industry guidance that affect enzyme manufacturers, distributors, and customers.  ETA activities and meetings are occasions when members, representatives and guests:

  1. Discuss scientific, regulatory and legal solutions to common problems affecting enzyme industrial activities.
  2. Support and promote scientific programs to enhance public and employee health and safety associated with enzyme handling.
  3. Support and promote educational programs to enhance awareness of enzyme technology and advancements.
  4. Collaborate with global stakeholders in the enzyme industry including: trade associations, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and customers/end-use consumers.

To learn more about the Enzyme Technical Association leadership team, visit the Leadership page.

Administration & Contact Information

ETA Administration

Ann M. Begley, Secretary/Co-General Counsel
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Gary L. Yingling, Co-General Counsel
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Enzyme Technical Association
2050 M Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

Phone +1.202.719.4585

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Executive Committee

Lori Gregg, Chair
Kate Urbain, Vice Chair
Vince Sewalt,
Monica Kumar, Member-at-Large
Candice Cryne, Member-at Large
Carol Dyck, Member-at Large
Ann Begley, Secretary and General Counsel
Diane Shanahan, Ex-Officio

Standing Committees Chairs

Feed Committee
Roxanna Van Dorn, 
BiomEdit, LLC
Leteasha Gorham,

Food Committee
Arie Carpenter,
Chr. Hansen
Lori Gregg,

Latin American Committee
Ana Claudia Peluso,
Andressa Caliman,

Membership Committee
Vince Sewalt, IFF
Diane Shanahan, BASF

Safety and Sustainability Committee
Beth Concoby, IFF
Ashley Mitchell, IFF

Strategic Planning Committee
Annie Bailey,
Chr. Hansen

Technical Committee
Sally Catron,
Vince Sewalt,

Website/Public Relations/Communications Committee
Deborah Martin,
Deb Seramba,