The Enzyme Technical Association took part in a panel presentation discussing the generally recognized as safe (GRAS) concept during the IFT16 meeting in Chicago, Illinois. The Panel consisted of Tony Pavel (Cargill), Lori Gregg (Novozymes), Diane Shanahan (BASF), Vince Sewalt (DuPont Industrial Biosciences), and James La Marta (DSM). The panel discussed the enzyme industry’s model approach for a scientifically sound, rigorous, and transparent application of the GRAS concept. Topics covered included: GRAS definition; Enzymes, a History of Safety in Use and Manufacture; Manufacture process & Enzyme Characterization; Production Strain Construction & Safe Strain Lineage; Toxicology & Margin of Safety; GRAS framework, Track record of enzymes. Click here to access the presentation slides.